#blogElul 21: CHANGE AGAIN

I spent last night stewing a little over yesterday's post. I woke up wondering if I should plan to write on "judge" some more. It feels like such a tight place, something worth paying attention to.

The feelings that "judge" stirred up also made me wonder, Do I ever get anywhere at all? Learning to live with my overactive inner critic was a big feature of my personal growth in my 30s. As part of that process, I wrestled with these themes often during my year of collages in 2007. Yesterday's post featured two of those collages, and they felt as relevant to me now as when I made them.

So, it was with some delight this morning, that I found that today's word is a repeat. Not only that, but the repeated word is "Change." Change is the only constant, and yet I often find myself frustrated by how hard it is to change. I am approaching this Elul and the upcoming year with a very clear intention to change. The repeat of "Change" feels like a welcome affirmation that there is plenty of space for change and all its accompanying challenges.


Ever Changing Water

Ever Changing Water

#BlogElul for 21 Elul 5773