#blogElul 24: END

We are coming to the end of summer. My older son hasn't yet gone back to school, but most other kids have. A few leaves are starting to turn or fall, the days are growing noticeably shorter, and I'm back to wearing sweaters. I searched my toddler's drawer for pants this morning, and found that he had outgrown half of them. After all, he hasn't really worn pants in the last three months.


Meanwhile, though, it is still summer. We will go to the beach this weekend and play in the sand and water. We will eat juicy peaches and flavorful tomatoes, savoring the bounty of this season. We will listen to the hum in the trees during the day and the chorus of crickets in the evening. We will relax into a leisurely pace for a few more days, grateful for each day of warmth and fullness.


#BlogElul for 24 Elul 5773