#blogElul 27: INTEND


Some personal definitions: 

Intend: To plan/hope/want to do. A road map or action plan.

Intention: A sense of purpose. I set an intention in order to be clear about why I am doing something. An intention adds depth to my activity. An intention shapes how things unfold.

Kavanah: A sacred intention. An orientation towards prayer, meditation, and practice. An inner direction that adds holy meaning and deep understanding to my actions, words, music, art, relationships, observances, celebrations, etc.

Here, with this blog, I intend to post once a day. My intention is to share a daily practice in the hope that posting will add clarity and depth to my practice and invite a community to witness or join this practice. My kavanah is cultivate spaciousness and to be open to and moved by Mystery.


A life intention, as expressed in 2008

A life intention, as expressed in 2008

#BlogElul for 27 Elul 5773