31 Days of Curating: In Loving Memory

In October, I am joining the Nester's 31 Days, an invitation to write on one topic for 31 days. Last year, I participated from the sidelines, writing each day about my morning blessings practice (I may yet make those posts public). This year I am taking the leap of joining in properly. Go here to see all the other bloggers participating.

When I considered what topic I might choose this year, I immediately thought of my desire to "curate" the collection of art that I made during my pregnancy with Halia Hope and in the aftermath of her stillbirth. She was due in October 2010 so it seems fitting to devote an October practice to her. I am hoping that by taking this time to explore what I created then, I can share some of my journey of grief and hope. 

I will be updating this post with links to each of the posts in the series, as they are completed (see below).


26 Tishrei 5774

Day 1: Blue Portrait

Day 2: Two Watercolors

Day 3: Holding 

Day 4: Today 

Day 5: Five Generations 

Day 6: Mesmerizing Water 

Day 7: Resting Places 

Day 8: Emergence and Return 

Day 9: Eagle 

Day 10: Soothing Piano

Day 11: Early May Blessings 

Day 12: Passover and Floods

Day 13: Moving Memories 

Day 14: Sesame Seeds 

Day 15: Haida 

Day 16: Space in the Middle 

Day 17: Spotting 

Day 18: Shattering 

Day 19: Trust 

Day 20: Premonition 

Day 21: Getting Real

Day 22: Together 

Day 23: Summer Solstice 

Day 24: Halia Hope 

Day 25:  Burial

Day 26:  Suchness in the Vastness

Day 27: Daring to Survive

Day 28: Mikvah 

Day 29:  Space

Day 30:  Kol Nidre

Day 31: Due Date