#blogElul 19: ASK

We start out on our long drive home from vacation today and my toddler says, "cahkees." I think that he is commenting on his father's having just put the car keys in the car to start it. I say, "Yes, Abba has the car keys and he used them to start the car. Now we are going." 

He repeats, "cahkees, cahkees, cahkees." I make some more comments about the car keys. He continues to say, "cahkees, cahkees, cahkees."  Slowly I realize that he is not making an observation; he is asking for "cahkees." I tell him, "Abba has the car keys. He needs them to drive the car."

He responds, without any frustration but with a steady persistence, "Cahkees, cahkees, cahkees."  

I don't know exactly what changes, but finally it dawns on me that he is not asking for the car keys--he is asking for cookies! I reach over, find the bag of teddy grahams and give him a couple. He is satisfied. He has received what he was asking for! 

I too struggle with asking sometimes. It is hard to articulate my question or request. I do not always succeed in communicating clearly. I do not always receive the response I am looking for. Sometimes I get discouraged and stop asking.

Today, I am grateful for my toddler's example: be persistent, ask for what you want or need, continue to engage even when you are not succeeding at communicating, eventually things are likely to change. 


#BlogElul post for 19 Elul 5773