#BlogElul 18: PRAY

This Shabbat we pray under a blue sky dotted with puffy clouds. It is difficult to get started, to gather together, to find the right space, but in due time we begin with morning blessings.  

Allowing and inviting our bodies to be vessels of prayer, we imitate the Fountain of Blessings, we extend ourselves reaching to find connection, we let everything fall away in a moment of mystery, we turn along the path of infinity taking in the beauty of our surroundings, and we open to the heavens before touching our fingers to the ground beneath our feet. 

And when our meditation in motion has come to its close, we find a new place closer to the water where we share two prayer books and move our way through psalms and liturgy, expressing our gratitude, wonder, and hope, aware of the constant change on the water's surface, the track of the sun in the sky, and the voices of children at play in their own form of prayer. 


#BlogElul for 18 Elul 5773, Tuscarora Lake, NY