#blogElul 2: ACT

Act I  

Cooking dinner . Singing a sweet little Woody Guthrie song, wordlessly. Asa standing on his stool, happily making a mess on the counter.  

Wash the greens. Separate them from the stem. Chop the onions. Heat the oil. Check the couscous. Turn down the burner. Prepare the fish. Preheat the oven. 

Move right hand. Grasp the knife. Apply force downward in a slicing motion. Raise the knife and move it over an inch. Apply force downward again . Use the other hand to change the angle of the cutting board. Repeat the knife motions many times.  Put the knife down.

Move to comfort Asa. Retrieve a dropped item. Greet Gabe. Talk with him. Greet James. Talk with him. (Suddenly discover the greens are burned.) Heat beans instead. Put dinner on the table.


Act II

Later in the evening.

Get straight to a complicated task that has required a lot of thought over the last week. Work steadily without distraction. Send out completed work with a sense of satisfaction.

So many actions of all sizes and types, occurring within different levels of attention. Some deliberate others automatic. 

Grateful for the opportunity to become absorbed in noticing.

#BlogElul for 2 Elul 5773