#blogElul 3: BLESS

On most mornings, I find a time to recite morning blessings, fifteen brachot from the liturgy. I use the selection, order, and translation from the Reconstructionist prayerbook, Kol HaNeshamah. I don't remember how I went about memorizing them, but once I did, the blessings became portable. I take them on walks, drives, and swims. I accompany them with movement. I put them to all sorts of melodies. I recite them quickly or drawn out to savor every nuance. I play with alternate translations and understandings. This practice has been a mainstay in my life for seven years now, one that I grow into more deeply every day.

Today, I sang the blessings on a rainy walk in my neighborhood, stopping every now and then to enjoy the ripples from raindrops in the puddles.  What a blessing it is to be able to savor the beauty and blessings of each day.

#BlogElul for 3 Elul 5773